Turkey support Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir: Is it going to make any difference?


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This article was first published in Global Village Space

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, who is on an official visit to Pakistan, reiterated Turkey’s stance that it stands with Pakistan for its stance on the peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue. “In the group, which has been formed over Kashmir in the UN, we will stand with Pakistan and try to make [its efforts] successful,” he said. Pakistan’s Shah Mahmood Qureshi Foreign Minister welcomed the support of Turkish FM saying that Kashmir conference on the sidelines of UN General Assembly meeting is going to be different this year.

“At the United Nations, there will be a separate conference on Kashmir on the sidelines. It happens every year, but it is different this time because a new UN report has come out which sheds light on India-occupied Kashmir,” he said.

It has been a long time that the keyword “Kashmir” has been said by a foreign dignitary visiting Pakistan. While it remains imminent that the issue is the real bone of contention between nuclear-equipped rivals of South Asia, India, and Pakistan, it also remains a fact that Pakistan has not been up to the mark on the international diplomatic front to make the world realize about the gravity of the issue.

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Primarily because the country was stuck in a quagmire of internal instability which has been detrimental for its social order. As of now, Pakistan by virtue of its weak global position has little to no leverage over the Kashmir issue and it is the reason why that the diplomatic mission was not able to capitalize on the UN reports about human rights violations by the Indian army inside the occupied valley.

Support coming from foreign countries is not going to bear any fruit until and unless the government of Pakistan decides a thorough discourse which depicts its seriousness for the international community and indigenous Kashmiris toward the issue. For instance, the importance last two governments of PPP and PMLN gave to issue can be understood from the fact the Maulana Fazal ur Rehman was the head of Kashmir committee.

It was always beyond apprehension how a controversial figure like Maulana was going to help the Kashmir cause besides enjoying the perks of a federal minister which comes with the designation of Kashmir committee. Other than himself, the members of the committee who hail from all the provincial legislative assemblies have repeatedly made a mockery of themselves and the government on talk shows where they showed little to no knowledge about the Kashmir issue.

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Because of the favorable and flexible market India has, the world is going to side with it for the economic gains and if Pakistan is to have its voice heard it needs to attain a certain degree of economic and political stability. But that, of course, is a long-term solution and in the meanwhile, the issue must be kept alive. Active diplomacy and lobbying an immediate way out in this regard.

Recently, during Pakistan’s Independence Day celebrations in Iran, the Iranian government display of Pakistan’s map on billboards and LED screens showed Kashmir as the part of Pakistan. It was indeed a bold move especially when India has heavily invested in the infrastructure of Chahbhar Port in Iran.

Pakistan has an edge because of its geopolitical location, which unfortunately has also been exploited by global powers and serves as the main reason for the turmoil we are in. But it could also be used as leverage for achieving the diplomatic objectives.

There needs to be an overhauling of the entire Kashmir policy for the purpose of making the support of countries like Turkey and Iran matter in this regard. And the first step will have to be taken by the current government under the leadership of its experienced foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi.

 This article was first published in Global Village Space


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