An Indian billionaire hires 12 servants for daughter at UK University


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An unnamed Indian billionaire has put an advert to hire 12 servants to look after his daughter when she will start her four-year course at St. Andrews University in Scotland this month.

The girl has been dubbed the “poshest” student at the UK University. As per the news reports, the girl will have a House Manager, a private chef, a gardener, a lady’s maid, three footmen, a chauffeur, and a butler to help her throughout her studies.

The twelve servants will serve the girl in a mansion bought by the family for the girl to live in during her four-year course. The family bought the mansion so that girl does not have to live in a general student accommodation.

As per the advertisement, the family will pay £30k, which makes Rs. 28 lakhs a year to the servants. They want a “cheerful and an energetic lady’s” maid who will be responsible for “waking principal up, liaising with other staff regarding routine and schedule, assisting with grooming, wardrobe management, and personal shopping.”

The footmen will be responsible for serving the meal, setting the table and keeping the house clean. They will also be required to open the doors for the lady ‘wherever possible’.

A spokesman of the St. Andrew’s University said that “It is the student’s private life. They can live how they want. We have students coming here from all over the world and they do not have to stay in halls of residence.”

The spokesperson further added that the university has no relation to an advertisement posted in a UK newspaper. This is the matter for the student and her family. The university has no objection to it at all.

This article was first published in Global Village Space.


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