Maulana Sami’s assassination proves PM Khan’s life is also in danger


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Two days ago, in a televised address to the nation, PM Khan made it clear that he would not tolerate uncalled for unrest in the country and he would deal with blackmailers in a ‘language they understand’.

He, however, requested the leaders of TLP to not test the state’s resolve to restore order. This tough stance of PM Khan is being admired by the nation. But this has raised security concerns for PM and his well wishers are now asking for stricter security for the incumbent PM.

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These concerns are not irrelevant since Salman Taseer, former Governor Punjab, was assassinated by his own security guard in the Asia Bibi case, whose release has sparked recent unrest.

Meanwile, Indian host Simi Garewal earlier this year said that, Imran Khan in an interview with her, stated that a Pir had told him that he would be assassinated after becoming the PM of Pakistan.

In the, now deleted, tweet Grewal wrote: “#ImranKhan I am deeply ambivalent about the victory. It is a poisoned chalice! Many years ago @ImranKhanPTI told me that a pir had predicted he will become PM of Pakistan-and will be assassinated-Seems Imran wanted it..despite the cost. It’s sad.”

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Her tweet garnered attention from Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf followers. The reactions poured in on Twitter as people expressed their concerns for their leader after the tweet.

Scores of followers stated Imran Khan should take care of himself if he loves his country. Another Twitterati said, Pakistan has already lost an iconic leader Benazir Bhutto who was assassinated at Rawalpindi at public procession. The country cannot afford to lose another iconic leader-Imran Khan.

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