PM Khan offers talks to India: Will Modi accept?

Prime Minister Imran Khan
Prime Minister Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday yet again reached out to his Indian  counterpart Narendra Modi seeking dialogue to resolve all outstanding issues between the two countries, a news report said Friday.

A news report in Pakistan’s “The News” paper said Khan in a letter to Modi congratulated him on his re-election to office following April-May general elections that ended last month.

Khan had previously sent a congratulatory message to Modi on his re-election via a twitter post on 23 May. He had later followed it up with a phone call saying that he wanted to work with Modi for peace in the region.

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“In the letter, PM Khan further stressed that Pakistan requires a solution for Kashmir and all other geopolitical issues existing between the two neighboring states,” the paper said in the report published on its website.

“It was revealed that he held dialogue as the only probably solution to bring stability into the region which requires efforts from both ends” the report said.

PM Khan wrote that Pakistan is rooting for peace in the region which will play a part in the development of the subcontinent,” the report added.

There was no confirmation of the letter from the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi.

Reports of the letter came a day after India said there was no bilateral meeting scheduled between Khan and Modi in Bishkek on the margins of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. Both leaders are to attend the summit of the regional groupingPM Mod they joined as members in 2017. Ties between the two countries have been tense following the 14 February suicide attack in Kashmir’s Pulwama region in which 40 Indian security personnel were killed.

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So far India, which says Pakistan foments terrorism against it, has been cool about the offers of dialogue from Pakistan showing no inclination to take up the offers unless Pakistan takes —what New Delhi —calls “irreversible” and “verifiable” steps to curb terrorism emanating from its soil against India.