Imran Khan: The ‘Great Emancipator’


TIC Analysis l

Pakistan stands vindicated at the 74th session of UNGA after an exuberating speech by Prime Minister Imran Khan in New York. The highlight of his more than 45-minute-long speech was intense criticism of India for its annexation of occupied Kashmir and the continued restrictions imposed in the region. Pakistan’s Prime Minister remained critical of PM Modi’s inhumane policies in Occupied Kashmir and against Muslims inside India proper. Mr. Khan also stressed that India’s policy towards its Muslim minority ‘will fuel terrorism in sub-continent and beyond’. He ended his speech by expressing firm commitment of protecting the integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan in case India ventures on any ‘misadventure’.

PM Khan’s diplomatic offensive might not be enough to end the plight of Kashmiris in Occupied J&K but it has exposed India’s aggressive policies towards Muslims in particular and other minorities in general. The RSS racist ideology and its anti-Muslim pogroms have also been highlighted by the Pakistani Premier. For the first time in history, Kashmir issue has been presented so vibrantly and bellicosely at UNGA putting pressure on world’s biggest forum to deliver on its promises of emancipating the Kashmiris.

PM Modi cornered

India always presented itself as ‘shining, diverse and having a rich culture & history’ and remained largely successful in this objective through its pulsating media. New Delhi also successfully presented Pakistan as an evil state perpetuating terrorism in South Asia and beyond. Its foreign office, academia and intelligentsia exploited Pakistan’s failed public relations strategy to the fullest and used ‘western fear of Islamic terrorism’ to discredit and vilify it globally.

Imran Khan has turned the tables and has used ‘Indian stratagem’ to expose its anti-Pakistan and anti-Islam agenda. PM Khan’s scrupulous speeches on Kashmir have brought India’s belligerent domestic and foreign policy to limelight which has overshadowed PM Modi’s friendly overtures towards USA and other western leaders. PM Modi’s media team will have a tough time in coming weeks defending India’s blatant violation of human rights in IOK. The ‘New India’ slogan of PM Modi has been uncovered and lays exposed to criticism from human rights organizations and international media.

Imran Khan: The ‘Great Emancipator’

No Muslim leader in contemporary era has spoken so meticulously and amenably against Islamophobia and discrimination against Muslims other than Imran Khan. He during his current visit to USA has talked to state heads, think tanks and media and presented a Muslim perspective on international relations and global politics. He blamed west of aiding and abetting terrorists due to their discriminatory policies and anti-Muslim approach towards Islamic countries and their populace. He also shunned the rhetoric of dividing Islam into moderate and fundamentalist categories stating that there is only one Islam which was preached by Holy Prophet (PBUH). He also stressed that free speech should not be directed against the Holy Prophet (PBUH) since it hurts the feelings of Muslims and radicalize some sections of believers who then become susceptible to terrorism and extremism.

PM Khan stressed on the importance of understanding Islam by reading Quran in order to understand the true essence of this religion which is based on ‘peaceful co-existence’. He also stressed on the need of having inter-faith dialogues in order to pave way for a better understanding of different religions which will lead to an end of radicalism and racism.

Imran Khan has emerged as the new voice of Islam overshadowing Turkish President Tayyab Erdogan’s flamboyant pro-Palestinian rhetoric which brought him accolades and appreciation from dejected Muslim masses from around the globe. Khan’s stance on Kashmir, Afghanistan and fundamentalism has made him a ‘great emancipator’ in the eyes of Muslims in Pakistan and beyond.