Internationalism and regionalism seems tobe the primary victims of Covid-19 commonly known as Coronavirus . Every nation has scrambled to protect itself from this pandemic which has infected millions and killed thousands. States have sealed borders and have imposed extra-ordinary restrictions on freedoms previously available to public. Nationalism seems to be the order of the day marking an end of globalization which emerged in the post USSR world.

The globe is in a virtual state of a lockdown with WHO calling on states not to ease restrictions owing to the fears that this pandemic is only going to exacerbate in coming days and weeks.  Governments are adjusting to the ‘new realities’ of post-corona world and are rapidly transforming their governance systems to cope up with the challenges that have emerged as a result. Economic, education, justice and financial systems have gone virtual with internet being the sole mode of keeping these systems functional.

Online banking, shopping and marketing have gained precedence and are enabling populations to self-sustain. Social media websites and online gaming platforms have helped mitigate fears of corona pandemic. Business owners are quickly learning that manpower can be reduced without affecting production or massive dent to profits. This in turn would persuade many conglomerates to resort to distant employment or freelancing to run companies which will result in massive unemployment. The world will go virtual and more interconnected giving extra-ordinary power to those who control the internet.

Warfare will now be fought with ever greater intensity in virtual domain giving cyber security priority in state’s national security policies. Cyber-crimes will be ever more prevalent forcing states to recourse to cyber legislation with increased vigor. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomous Weapon Systems  (AWS) will gain primacy and states having such capabilities will rule the fray.



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