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The Algerian National Navy detected an Israeli Dolphin submarine last week on the edge of Algerian international waters, chased it and forced it to rise to the surface before leaving the area, MENADEFENSE reported on Friday.

This came after Russian journalist Darko Todorovski revealed information about the incident in a tweet on Thursday: “Off the coast of Algeria, an Israeli submarine – Dolphin type tried to track a training launch of a cruise missile Club-S from a submarine of project 636, but in turn, it was discovered and pursued by two submarines of project 636. They forced it to surface and leave the area.”

The website disclosed that the incident happened during an Algerian navy drill on 29 and 30 September.

“The drill, which saw the participation of many Algerian naval units, was intended to demonstrate the capabilities of in-depth attack or stealth destruction of targets at sea at very long distances,” the website detailed.

According to MENADEFENSE: “The Israeli Dolphin class submarine was spotted by passive detection, tracked and forced to surface in international waters and leave the area. The decision was quickly taken to pursue it aggressively without the use of sonar in order to avoid counter detection.”

After the Israeli submarine was surrounded by Algerian submarines with two aircraft above water, the crew of the Israeli submarine decided to surface: “To indicate that they were abandoning the mission and moved away from the Algerian coast.”


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