Pakistan and the other — stans

Sabah Aslam l From the coasts of Caspian Sea to the rouged lands touching Afghanistan, there lies a belt of resource rich countries – the Central Asian States. Comprising five states, the region is fast...
Arab Revolt

Another ‘Arab Revolt’?

M K Bhadrakumar l The Arab sheikhs who instigated the US-Iran standoff have heard the African proverb, ‘When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers’. But they chose to ignore it. The assumption in...

Sudan At The Cusp Of Revolution

Asif Haroon Raja l Sudan had remained a colony of the British for 56 years after which it gained independence on January 1, 1956. Located in northeastern Africa, it shares border with Egypt to the...
bluff poker

MBS: Riding roughshod or playing a risky game of bluff poker?

James M. Dorsey | A stalemate in efforts to determine what happened to Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is threatening to escalate into a crisis that could usher in a new era in relations between the...