Hybrid Warfare

Hybrid Threats vs. Hybrid Warfare

TIC Focus l The hybrid nature of warfare thrives on elements which were present in societies – traditional and modern likewise. However, as we had mentioned earlier, the traditional nature of warfare do not exploit...

Hybrid Warfare by Non-State Actors

With regards to Hoffman’s conception of hybrid threats, it can be said that the DAESH resembled many features of hybrid threat. Features of hybrid threats consist of blended modalities, simultaneity, decentralized structure, fusion and...
Hybrid War

Hybrid Warfare Against Pakistan

TIC Analysis | The entrance of the nuclear weapons changed the paradigm of overt conflict throughout the world. Not only did nuclear weapons stopped aggression against nuclear armed states but also a global taboo against...

Afghan Taliban and Hybrid War

TIC Analysis l According to western media/think-tank reports, Taliban control almost 50 % of Afghanistan’s territory in addition to having influence/presence in another 20 % of the areas of the war-torn country. Afghan National Army...
hybrid warfare

Explaining Hybrid Warfare

Amb. Munir Akram l Let's explain hybrid warfare. For over 60 years, nuclear weapons have deterred a major conflict between nuclear-armed states, and, because of the global revulsion against the use of nuclear weapons, the...
Generation Warfare

Is Pakistan ready to fight the Fifth Generation Warfare?

Javaria Khalid | Technology has transformed over the years and has evolved the war waging apparatus along with the nature of fighting the war. According to Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, the new principles of...