India’s Ethno-Terror Proxies : From East Pakistan to CPEC

Jawad Falak | 16 December 2018 marked the 47th year since the fall of Dhaka to the Indian Army in the war of 1971. The war which started with the backing of terrorist elements known...
national security

Three political war-gaming scenarios Pakistani establishment must consider

Hassan Zaheer | International politics in contemporary time is characterized by chronic instability and global disorder which are embodied by arch of strategic warfare spread across various continents resulting in destabilization of nation-states; plunging countries...
Hybrid Warfare

Hybrid wars of 21st Century

Ikram Sehgal | Hybrid Warfare came to prominence in the 21st century, the “Age of Globalization” that has opened up many new technical and communication options and shrunk distances. According to Prussian general and military...
Generation Warfare

Is Pakistan ready to fight the Fifth Generation Warfare?

Javaria Khalid | Technology has transformed over the years and has evolved the war waging apparatus along with the nature of fighting the war. According to Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, the new principles of...