Friday, June 2, 2023

Turkey to Continue Drilling in Eastern Mediterranean

Snap Shot l What Happened: Turkey’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday announced that the country is determined to continue drilling activities in the East Mediterranean Sea to protect the rights of Turkey and Turkish Cypriots. It...
Secrecy and Lies

Secrecy and Lies: Chernobyl and the U.S. Government

Jacob G. Hornberger | SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet seen the excellent HBO miniseries Chernobyl and might yet do so, you might want to wait to read this article until after you have seen the...

Contemporary Challenges to Pakistan’s Maritime Sector

The maritime sector of any country holds pronounced benefits for its inhabitants and directly contributes in national development. Yet, there is little public awareness about the gravity of the maritime sector of Pakistan. The...

Typhoon Jebi leaves trail of destruction across Japan

News Desk | At least 10 people have been killed by Typhoon Jebi, the worst storm to hit Japan in 25 years. Jebi left a trail of destruction across the west of the country, hitting major...

Moot asks provincial govts. to phase out harmful plastic products

It is high time the provincial governments came up with a firm timeline to phase out plastic products generating highly harmful waste that causes serious damage to the environment, especially to the marine ecology...